Retrofit Double Glazing is the simple process of removing your existing single glazed
panes from your Timber or Aluminum Windows, then installing new high performance thermally
insulated double glazed units back into your existing frames ... It really is that easy!

Warm and Happy Home

Can you retrofit Aluminum Windows?

... yes we can, we modify your existing window frames to accommodate our new double glazed units

Can you retrofit Timber Windows?

... yes we can, our specialised timber retrofit system has been designed to retain the character of your home.

Double Glazing Main Benefits


High performance double glazing keeps the cold out and traps the warmth in, allowing for warmer, dryer and healthier home with less heating required, reducing power bills.


High performance double glazing reduces internal condensation dramatically.


By installing specialty acoustic double glazing, noisy neighbours or road noise can be a thing of the past.


By installing standard tinted or laminated double glazing this greatly reduces UV rays by up to 99%.


Reduces excessive summer heat gain allowing for a more moderated internal climate all year round.


By installing toughened glass this will give you 5x the strength and security than standard non toughened single glazed panes.

Tired of Crying Windows
Our Retrofit Double Glazing System Will Dramatically Increase Your Comfort Level Guaranteed

Another Important Double Glazing Benefit


The family home is your biggest financial asset. Double Glazing adds value & home insulation is now recognised as on of the top 3 questions asked by real estate. Once you have experienced the comfort of double glazing you will never live in another home without it.

Visit, quote and installation

• STEP 1

We discuss with you how ComfortGlaze can help to find the best solution for your home.

• STEP 2

We deliver a professional customised detailed quotation specifically for your home.

• STEP 3

We install your new retrofit double glazing and you enjoy the comfort of a new warmer, dryer and healthier home all year round.

It really is that easy!

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