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"Bringing Comfort and efficiency home."

What is Retrofit Double Glazing?

Quite simply, it's replacing your single glass with insulated double-glazed units, installed into your existing frames.

A practical, cost-effective solution to thermally insulating your windows and doors.

...It really is that easy!

Comfortglaze Double Glazing Options

Learn more about our Double Glazing options and see how they perform compared to single glazing

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Low - E Coating

Argon Gas 

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Can you Double Glaze Aluminium Windows?

... yes we can, we modify your existing window frames to accommodate our new double glazed units.

Can you Double Glaze
Timber Windows?

... yes we can, our specialised timber retrofit system has been designed to retain the character of your home.

Comfortglaze Benefits

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Year-round Comfort

Our state of the art Double Glazing works to minimise heat flow. Allowing you to stay warmer through winter and cooler through summer.

Smaller energy bills

A more consistent temperature all year round, reduces the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home. This reduced energy consumption puts less demand on the NZ power grid. Reducing the environmental footprint of your home.

Boost resale value

Double glazing not only helps with comfort and energy efficiency, but it also increases the value of your home.

No more crying windows

You will benefit from reduced condensation on the insides of your windows.

Peace and quiet

By investing in acoustic insulation glazing, you are investing in tranquility and round-the-clock peace. Improving your mood, your work focus, your sleep, and your life.


Fading and privacy

Our Low-E options protect against fading by reducing the amount of damaging light coming through the glass reducing fading in soft furnishings and fabrics.
We also offer tinted glass and obscure options for privacy.

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