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Most Old Aluminium Frames Can Fit Double Glazing...

Double glazing has been popular internationally since the 1980's.

The Aluminium framing used to build windows and doors in NZ since that time has been designed to fit double glazing.

New Zealand building authorities didn't make it compulsory to build with double glazing in New Zealand until 2007.  


Brand New Opening Windows...
All opening windows are fabricated in our factory, supplied with new stays and latches.
Fixed window panes are held in place with aluminium beads. We simply replace the beads and rubbers. All of the new aluminium used is colour matched to your existing frames.
All you need to think about is what type of glass you will choose.  

Double glazing new opening window sash.

Home comfort steps

1. Assessment & quote 

We discuss with you how we can help to find the best solution for your home.

We deliver a detailed, per room quote, within 24 hours of our visit. 

2. Final Measure 

Once we've received your acceptance of quote confirmation, and option choices, we'll schedule the final measure to get accurate measurements before ordering the materials and manufacturing your windows.

4. Follow Up 

Once the works are completed , we'll give you a chance to enjoy your new windows before making a friendly follow up call to ensure you're happy and completely satisfied.

3. Installation

Once the materials are ready and we've manufactured your opening windows, we will install your new double glazed units and you will enjoy the comfort of a warmer, drier, healthier home all year round. 

...It really is that easy!

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