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  • Added insulation for winter warmth and cooler summers. 

  • Reduced street noise.

  • Reduced energy costs.

  • Future proofing and increased property value. 

  • Modernised look. ​


  • Deglazed, removed and disposed of existing single glazed panes. 

  • Modernise frames by removing unwanted glazing bars.

  • Supply and install 28 new HIGH PERFORMANCE LOW-E double glazed units into existing aluminium framing.

  • Supply and install 10 new aluminium opening sashes with new hinge stays & black window latches. 

  • Obscure glass included for the front door ,bathroom and toilet panes.

  • Replace single glazed panes with double glazed units from existing timber door.

  • Supply and install new double glazing timber beads into existing timber door.


"We would highly recommend the entire team at Comfortglaze. We are super impressed as it has not only greatly modernised our 80s home aesthetic, but we've already noticed a big difference in how it retains heat (and it's only March). 
We experienced very clear comms from all avenues of the business. The guys are perfectionists in their craft and have great attention to detail (I'm slightly OCD with this - so it was duly noted and appreciated). They were super considerate of the property, happy to answer my many questions, and embraced working around an over-eager 10-month-old.
I had opted to update the joinery colour myself with the help of bubs which did impose on the process of installation. A few hiccups from my side meant we needed to reshuffle what days they completed the work, but they were able to accommodate our requirements with ease, help out accordingly, provide lots of know-how, and as a result, made what could have been a really stressful process surprisingly enjoyable. 

Basically great product, clear comms, value for money, and lovely people - you can't go wrong - we are stoked".




Opening windows are replaced with new colour matched sashes, along with new hinge stays and handles. 
New colour matched adapters are inserted into the original sliding doors allowing for full height units to be installed. 
New timber beads and obscure glass. 
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